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Types of Diffuser Plates


Diffusion plates are a general term for a variety of diffusion plates. Do you know how many kinds of diffuser plates are available? Let’s introduce these diffusion plates to everyone.


Type of diffusion plate can be divided into air diffusion plate, sound diffusion plate, liquid diffusion plate, light diffusion plate, taste light diffusion plate , it can be evenly dispersed molecular materials are collectively referred to as the diffusion plate.


Air diffuser plate: used to reduce the noise produced by air flow, for example: car silencers.

Sound diffuser plate: usually used to eliminate sound echoes due to the obstruction of hard objects, such as the walls or ceilings of a concert hall.

Liquid diffuser plate: generally used to liquid into molecules of mist or less the evenly distributed out, for example: curtain for greenhouse.

Taste diffuser plate: generally used to remove or disperse taste, for example: a canister for a gas mask or a canister for removing water from a water filter.


Light diffuser plate: usually used to prevent glare and make the vision a comfortable environment, such as a diffuser plate in front of a camera flash.


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