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Chang Sufeng Research Institute

Chang Sufeng printing optical technology joint research center is our platform ,which built in Changzhou by three parties, they are Changzhou Institute of printing electronic industry Co., China Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology and nano bionics research institute and Changzhou Fengsheng optoelectronics , The center of the research is focused on the next generation of flexible display technology, the development of printing technology in the backlight, display applications , Focus on the research of quantum dots, nano materials, graphene ink research and functional materials ink and printing manufacturing process to carry out research in two areas, Combined with the existing backlight technology, the development of the optical design, printing process and equipment involved in the application of ink jet printing, light conducting and quantum dots. 

Chang Sufeng Research Center for the country, Jiangsu Province, the development of new industries, promote frontier technology research and application needs of leading edge research , For local in the “ post financial crisis era” to create a new growth engine and a new pillar industry