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Focus Field

Our company combined with years of experience in production and R & D in the field of polymer materials, and according to the analysis of the industry and its related fields of future strategy, development of materials, technology development, and production technology as the core of the three technology research direction. In the research and development, we adhere to the basic strategy of "innovative materials research and application”, through the improvement of basic technology, strengthen the cross between different fields of fusion; constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, to provide innovative, high value-added products and technologies to customers.

In addition, fengsheng optoelectronics also attaches great importance to cooperation with universities and research institutions. Actively participate in and promote research cooperation projects, through the establishment of the cooperative mechanism of academician workstation, engineering technology research center of Jiangsu Province, etc., fasten the link between the research results and applications, to enable enterprises to always stand in the innovation and vitality of the high.