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Our company strives to become the leading enterprises in the industry, in order to continue to launch a distinctive, innovative quality products and technologies has been committed to new products and new technology research and development. R & D center has a team of doctors, masters and other elite team, in polymer materials, optical design, ultra precision machining, optoelectronics and other disciplines to carry out basic and applied research, we have invested ten million RMB to build 1200 square meters of advanced test center and Test Workshop , with the Japanese electric color, Topcon, Nikon and other more than and 50 sets the scale of detection equipment, leading in the same industry, and strive to faster than other companies to market more attractive goods and services, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises. 

In the research and development system, not only in the field of business research center, but also the establishment of the industry direction of the industry university research cooperation platform. Professional cooperation platform and related research institutes to maintain effective cooperation for the rich and innovative to provide the greatest support. We established the academician workstation, Jiangsu Province Optical Polymer Engineering Technology Center, Chang Su Feng Research Institute to carry out research activities in optics, materials, advanced manufacturing and other aspects, fully committed to the most advanced international technology and material development. 

In order to create, obtain and make full use of intellectual property rights, we have developed and implemented a proactive intellectual property strategy, and continue to strengthen it. In key areas, the rich focus on the implementation of the measures to strengthen the competitiveness of intellectual property. In the application of the new patent, we are based on the company's strategy, in strict screening on the basis of patent applications. At present, the company has 44 patents, of which 40 patents have been authorized, authorized invention patents of 9, for the development of enterprises to provide a powerful driving force.