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Application area and range of PC light diffusion plate


PC diffusion plate is one of our light diffusion plates, and where can it be used of pc diffusion plate, and what’s the range of application? Here, let’s give you an example.

Application Area:

Suitable for direct type LED lighting, such as down light, grille lamp, high-grade aluminum lamp.

Suitable for side lighting, such as flat panel lamps, advertising light boxed, and professional watch lamps, and is commonly used with a light guide plate.



For home theater, hotel, dance hall, nightclub, KTV rooms, music hall, multi-function hall, studio, cinema, offices, conference rooms, indoor gymnasium, exhibition hall, library, classrooms, training centers, interrogation room and other indoor places.



This is the application area and range of the PC light diffusion plate, let us know where to use and how to use it, which give us some references when choosing.