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Diffusion Principle of Diffusion Plate


For diffusion plate, we know it has five kinds, so let’s analyses its principle of diffusion plate.

Before we try to understand the diffusion principle of diffusion plate, we must first know two principles, one is the reflection principle, and another is the refraction principle. Then the principle of reflection is that when light is shot from one medium to another, a part of the light is reflected by the interface, and another part of the light is refracted through the interface in another medium. The incident angle of light is equal to the reflection angle, and the reflected light and incident light are on both sides of the normal plane in the same plane. The principle of refraction is that the refracted light is located in the plane of the incident light and normal, and the ration of the incident light to the refraction angle is equal to the sine ratio of the incident light and the incident angle.


Then the principle diffusion plate through chemical or physical means, the use of light had two different refractive index medium in the behavior way, the physical phenomenon of refraction, reflection and scattering, through PMMA, PC, PS, PP based substrate adding inorganic or organic light diffusing agent, or through the surface of the substrate micro structure array light, light adjusted in different directions, the refraction and reflection and scattering, thus changing the light path, realize the incident light to produce color charge dispersion optical diffusion effect, light diffusion plate is widely used in liquid crystal display, LED lighting and image display system.

The above is the introduction of the diffusion principle of the diffusion plate, and later will continue to analyze other information about the diffusion plate.