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Application of NANOCO cadmium free quantum dots in LED plant illumination


Nanoco recently unveiled crimson CFQD quantum dot film, a new product specifically for gardening. The diaphragm is easy to match with various LED lighting mode, can greatly promote the chlorophyll absorption, so it is used for the reproduction of plant growth and vegetative stage, and supplementary illumination in the greenhouse, which is very important for crops such as lettuce and basil. This technology can increase the yield and quality of plants by combining with natural light.


LED lighting offers many benefits for the horticultural lighting industry. Different with the traditional lighting lamps, it can be customized. And in the process of promoting  plants chlorophyll absorption and the healthy growth of  animals and plants , in the consumption of less energy, and less heat loss, thus easier to control the growth environment. Quantum dots expand these benefits and allow additional and precise adjustments on this basis to further enhance chlorophyll absorption peaks and to ensure healthier and higher yield plants.