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Optical LGP: some simple analysis of optical light guide plate


Expect diffusion plates with good performance, actually our LGP is good, so let us introduce our LGP.


Optical LGP is mainly the use of optical grade plate. Through some advanced processing technology, such as: use of its high reflectivity, non light absorption characteristics and etc. Then the light guide section is made of optical plates and printed dots at the bottom with the laser printing technique.


The working principle of the optical light guide plate is: it mainly uses the plate with optical grade from the emitted light, so when the light pass to each guide spot, then the reflected light will spread to a different angle. The reflected light is then emitted by a light guide that destroys the reflecting conditions.

Since the light guide plate itself is small in shape and different in size, so same as the light emitted, so that a uniform light can be formed.