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Application of diffusion plate to the light source system in LED lighting


The above analyses related application about the diffusion plate, it can be applied in three aspects, which can be used in LED lighting, mainly used in light source system, so for this one, it is actually a relevant consideration.


There are basically the following points can be used for reference:

1. First of all to achieve the best performance of the mixed light , it needs higher softness of light.

2. We can achieve high transmittance by increasing the lumen of the lamps and reducing the associated consumption.

3. the influence of the light source can be reduced by maintaining the consistency of the color rendering of the light source, thereby reducing the deviation of the light color

4. We need to keep the original design of the lamp so that the light distribution curve of the light can not be changed so as to achieve an ideal result.


Above four items is just for your reference, specific events will be considered according to the actual situation.