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The PMMA light guide plate in the actual application, can be used in many industries, there are many advantages, mainly is long life, light effect is good, the luminous efficiency is relatively good, the specific advantage is reflected in how it is described in detail below.

1. Long service life, is its biggest characteristic. Whether used for medical institutions or for environmental decoration, usually after a design and installation, you can use a lot of time. In addition, for some light boxes in some subway station, the effect of laser printed light guide plate is better than that of the screen printing plate.

2. Light guiding effect is excellent, the light guide plate is mainly the most prominent light uniform and no dark spots, especially the light guide plate used in medical and research institutions, can obtain good feedback. Flexible process, you can cut freely, so this advantage makes it more widely used.

3. High luminous efficiency. In the case of equal area, in fact, the demand for electricity is not very high, and the power is relatively low, you can get the most protection in use. Under the same brightness, the product is thinner. The cost of using the product is small and it saves energy effectively.


Those are some advantages of PMMA light guide plate, so when you choose to use PMMA light guide plate, you can take those factors for your reference.