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The production principle of diffusion plate


Light diffusion plate has been widely used in many fields, so the following will be a simple of analysis of the light diffusion plate.

Today we mainly analyze the production principle of light diffusion plate. When we understand its production principle, it can be more convenient to apply it.

Then the light diffusion plate is mainly accomplished by some processing technique, and the principle is : the light in the irradiation process once encountered unequal density and its objects, it will form a reflection or refraction, the light diffusion plate is to make use of this principle, and then though the basic plate, such as: PP,PS etc , and because the light range of reflection or refraction is small, so we can add some diffusion agent on the surface of the plate, so that you can have more comprehensive view from various angles,

Of course, we can also use that principle to achieve artificial changes in the path of light emission, it can meet our more results.