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“Create brilliant, go forward together “------2017 Annual Meeting of Changzhou Fengsheng successful helding


In January 22, 2017, our Annual Meeting was held at Jinling Plaza, chairman of the company, the department heads and all staffs attended this annual meeting.

The first is the chairman of the company Mr. Wu Longping briefly reviewed and summarized for company’s business of 2016, and had forecast for the development prospects of the company in 2017, set the basic development goals, at the same time, Mr. Ge Weixin, Mrs Gan Huili, and other departments of the company to accept the appointment of leaders. 

Mr Wu had a speech

The second is advanced individuals, advanced teams of 2016 was awarded honorary certificates by Mr Wu, chairman of the company, And called on all staff to learn from them, hope all staff to advanced as an example, to build a better tomorrow 

Advanced individual, advanced team recognition ceremony

The last is annual theatrical performances and lucky draw, every performer best performances, make every employee feel the visual and auditory pleasure, Lucky draw will be rushed to the climax of the atmosphere , every of the award-winning colleagues opened  good "head in 2017

 Entertainment Performance

Lucky Draw

2017 annual meeting of the company was a complete success, we all look forward to in 2017, the company continues to develop, individuals continue to make progress, in the new year there are more harvest