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LGP: Analysis of the characteristics of optical light Guide Plate


We do some simple analysis to the LGP and its classification, the following will be on the optical characteristics of the light guide plate are analyzed, mainly the following: 

  1. First of all, the light guide plate can be cut into any size we want, and of course, it can also be use splicing if necessary 

  2. Process is simple, easy to make

  3. The light conversion rate is relatively high, and the light intensity is uniform

  4. The optical light guide plate can be used for more than 7 years 

  5. High luminous efficiency, low power consumption 

  6. We can make the light guide plate into different shapes (what we want) 

  7. Due to some advantages of the light guide plate, we can choose some of the thinner, so that it can save costs 

  8. On the surface of the light guide plate can use different light source, and even the conversion between the elimination, can be adjusted according to our needs, these do not affect the brightness 

Then the above 8 items are the related characteristics of LGP, the following will continue to analyze other aspects of its information