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Diffusion Sheet: Application of Diffusion Sheet in LCD


We through the front analysis for the diffusion sheet know it has a lot of series of products, such as: the light diffusion sheet, LED diffusion sheet, PS diffusion sheet and etc, for each diffusion sheet we have done some basic analysis, of course, they also have the relevant application for a certain understanding, but according to the analysis of some the application of diffusion sheet is not much, so let us analysis the application about the diffusion sheet in LCD

 First to analysis the reasons of diffusion sheet applied in LCD, in fact, this is mainly due to its advantages, as follows: 

1、Heat Resistance

2、Flame Resistance

3、Good light transmittance

4、Good shielding

5、Long Durability

6、Good Stability

Of course, the diffusion sheet can be applied in LCD because of its advantages, so the application of diffusion plate in LCD is generally reflected in it by the direct type backlight system, it is mainly to make the light diffusion effect to reach a best state, reflected in the following :

1.Light source diffusion: it is suitable for the direct type backlight module, which has high brightness and high diffusion, and can improve the luminous effect of the backlight

2.Light transmittance: excellent light transmittance to produce high brightness; 

3.Size stability: the water absorption is the smallest, in the humid environment can still maintain good dimensional stability, and can be used in the temperature range of -40 DEG C ~125 DEG C.

4.Then the application of the diffuser plate in the LCD is above these, and it reflects the effect is above these, of course, the follow-up will continue to analysis other aspects of its information